Custom Cell Formats – Excel

Custom Cell Formats – Excel

Custom Cell formats can be used to display your existing data in a different way, some examples are:

Custom format Text before Formatting Custom Format Formatted text
Brackets for negative values -500 #,##0;(#,##0) (500)
Red and brackets for negative values -500 #,##0;[Red](#,##0.00) (500.00)
Day of the week in full 25/07/2017 dddd Tuesday
Day, date, month and year 25/07/2017 ddd dd mmm yyyy Tue 25 Jul 2017
Month 25/07/2017 mmmm July
Fractions 10.5 # ?/? 10 1/2
Phone numbers 7803111111 00000 000000 07803 111111
Phone Numbers with Brackets 7803111111 (00000) 000000 (07803) 111111

Applying Custom Cell Formats

Highlight the cells to be formatted

Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and press the number 1 key


Right Hand click on the cell and select Format Cells

 Click on Custom on the left hand side:















Overtype the word General in the Type: area with the relevant formatting, i.e. if I wish to show a negative figure in brackets the dialog box would look like this:















Click on OK

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