Adobe Flash


An Introduction to the Flash Interface

  • Creating a new document
  • The default workspace and
  • Customising and saving your workspace
  • Reorganising panels
  • Document tabs

Drawing Essentials

  • Drawing tool basics
  • Drawing with the Pencil and Line Tools
  • The improved Pen Tool and Quick Colour Tools

Colour Tools

  • Drawing with Shapes
  • Selecting Content
  • Manipulating Lines and Fills
  • Painting with Brushes, Erasing Content
  • Understanding Drawing Modes

Colour Essentials

  • Using the Colour Mixer
  • Colour Swatches
  • The Gradient Transform Tool

Symbols Essentials

  • Creating and Editing Symbols
  • Using the Library
  • Nesting and Breaking apart Symbols
  • Working with Buttons, Movie Clips & Graphics
  • Transformation Tools
  • Panels and Menus

Timeline Essentials

  • Using, Adding, deleting and grouping Layers
  • Using Frames and Keyframes, Copying and pasting Frames
  • Multiple Frames and Understanding Scenes

Testing & Publishing your Files

  • Understanding Document Settings
  • Testing Buttons and Movie Clips
  • Testing & Publishing your Movie


Image Essentials

  • Vector v.Bitmap
  • Tracing & Breaking apart Bitmaps
  • Importing images and image compression
  • Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files

Animation Essentials

  • Shape Tweening and Motion Tweening
  • Using shape hints
  • Tweening gradients
  • Copy and Paste Motion
  • Motion Guides and Custom easing

Working with Text in Flash

  • Controlling text appearance
  • Simple text effects through Tweening
  • Adding text to a project file
  • Spell-checking
  • Find and Replace

Using Filters and Blend Modes

  • Using filters
  • Special filter options
  • Animating filters
  • Adding filters to a project file
  • Using blend modes
  • Flash specific blend modes

Using Components

  • Components overview
  • Adding a UIScrollBar component
  • Using a Loader component

Working with Sound and Video

  • Adding sound to the Timeline
  • Adding basic effects to sounds
  • Sound sync options
  • Adding sound to buttons
  • Video Essentials
  • Sounds compression basics
  • Embedding videos with the Flash Video Encoder
  • Encoding external FLVs with optional cue points
  • Playing external videos with FLV-playback

Introduction to ActionScript

  • Overview and interface elements
  • Frame scripts tracing and comments
  • Variable basics
  • Function basics
  • Buttons and Event Listeners
  • Simple Navigation
  • Scripting components

Working with Graphics

  • Understanding the Object Drawing Model
  • Using Gradients
  • Using Strokes
  • Using Scale
  • Understanding Filters
  • Understanding Blend Modes

Importing Content Using XML

  • Reviewing the Text Controls
  • Static, Dynamic, Input
  • Understanding XML
  • Introducing the XML Class
  • Retrieving Text Nodes
  • Parsing XML Data into Flash Data

Working with Text

  • Introducing Anti-Alias Rendering
  • Using the TextFormat Object for Styles
  • Using Cascading Styles Sheets with text


Advanced Graphic Loading

  • Loading JPG/GIF/PNG formats with AS
  • MovieClip Loader
  • Image Caching (issues/benefits)
  • Attaching movie clips dynamically
  • Creating a pre-loader
  • Displaying Random Images
  • Creating Position-Aware Elements
  • Build out grid of images
  • Load in the popUp Image

Reviewing Animation Basics with ActionScript

  • Reviewing Animation on the Timeline
  • Introducing Custom Easing
  • Masking with ActionScript
  • Animating with ActionScript
  • Organising a Movie Clip timeline
  • Using setInterval
  • Understanding Bitmap Caching