Microsoft Access


Working with other Microsoft Products

  • Merging Access with Microsoft Word to generate standard letters
  • Creating mailing labels

Advanced Form & Report Design

  • Creating a sub-form within a form
  • Adding Sub Totals to Sub forms
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Creating combo boxes to find records within a form
  • Creating filter forms to filter records

Advanced Queries

  • Advanced select queries
  • Top value queries
  • Group & summary queries
  • Conditional logic within queries
  • Crosstab, find duplicates and find unmatched queries
  • Action queries, i.e. update, delete, append and make table


Linking Data

  • Importing & exporting with other databases
  • Importing & exporting with other packages
  • Linking Data between Access and Excel

Creating Advanced Objects

  • Generating Charts
  • Creating Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Advanced Macros

  • Using macro groups
  • Creating conditional macros

Database Management

  • Creating a Switchboard
  • Repair and compact feature
  • Use of the start-up options
  • Documenting the Database Design