Microsoft Outlook


Module 1 – The Mail System

  • Starting up Microsoft Outlook
  • Overview of the Microsoft Outlook Screen
  • Using Menus & Ribbons
  • Creating, Addressing and Sending Mail
  • Reading Messages
  • Sending and Receiving Attachments
  • Replying to and Forwarding Mail
  • Deleting and Moving Mail
  • Creating Personal Folders to Manage Messages



Module 2 – Advanced Mail, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar

  • Changing the Default Outlook view
  • Setting Delivery Options for Messages, such as Voting Buttons, Delay Delivery, Automatic Expiry
  • Customising the appearance of an e-mail messages
  • Creating and Using Auto signatures
  • Attaching a message to an appointment
  • Flagging Messages
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant
  • Creating New Contacts
  • Creating and Using Personal Distributions Lists
  • Using the Task List
  • Using the Calendar
  • Setting Recurring Appointments and Tasks



Module 3 – Creating Rules, Sharing Information and Changing Preferences

  • Create and apply rules to messages using the Rules Wizard
  • Planning a Meeting with other Users, using the Calendar
  • Responding to a Meeting Request
  • Viewing the replies to an invitation
  • Allowing other users to access your Outlook account
  • Viewing other users Outlook account
  • Creating and Viewing Groups Schedules
  • Setting the options for tracking e-mail messages sent to recipients
  • Designing Custom Views and Print Styles
  • Setting the options to print e-mail messages with attachments
  • Setting User Preferences