Microsoft PowerPoint


Module 1 – The Basics, Text & Clip Art

  • Starting up PowerPoint, the PowerPoint Window, use of Tabs and the Ribbon
  • Opening and Closing a presentation
  • Creating and Saving New presentations
  • Exiting PowerPoint
  • Using PowerPoint templates and slide layouts
  • Selecting a different template and slide layout
  • Inserting ClipArt and text
  • How to Create bulleted lists
  • Use of the Drawing Tools
  • Description of the Various Viewing Modes
  • Slide formatting – margins, paper size and orientation
  • Printing the presentation

Module 2 – Creating Object & Slide Shows

  • Creating and formatting organisational charts
  • How to create and modify basic tables
  • Creating and formatting graphs
  • Compiling a slide shows using transitions
  • Use of animation within slide shows


Module 3 – Advanced features

  • Inserting Pictures, Media Clips & Sound
  • Working in Master View
  • Creation of templates including headers and footers
  • Changing colour scheme and working with colours
  • Advanced drawing features
  • Inserting WordArt
  • Importing and linking data from other applications
  • Re-colouring, ungrouping and animating ClipArt
  • Inserting Slides from other presentations
  • Use of Hyperlinks
  • Creating Custom Shows
  • Adding Presentation Comments
  • Creating a Photo Album
  • Packaging a Presentation to CD