Software Solutions

Database Development

Does your company still rely on hand written documents that get stored away in box files and filling cabinets?

Such documentation can be easy to lose, hard to understand and time consuming to find when you are in a hurry. Here at PS Training we have assisted many clients to collect and store various types of vital information.

PS Training can provide you with custom made databases to solve these issues. We aim to replicate your existing system with a seamless transfer to a more efficient, electronic server based system, utilising Microsoft Access.

Some examples of databases that we have already built for various companies, both multi-nationals and SME’s are:

  • Training Records Database
  • Health & Safety Recording System
  • Quote & Invoicing Database
  • Car Sales Invoicing System
  • Inventory Systems
  • Customer Contact system




Excel Development

Are you struggling with your spreadsheets?

We’re sure you have got better things to do with your time other than battle with Excel, so why not let us come in and take the strain, and we can automate your spreadsheets, saving you hours in your day.